My father's parents were Holocaust survivors who immigrated to Israel after the war. They helped build up the land into a thriving, rich country. My grandparents own a farm with turkeys and cows and olive trees. They make their living off of hard work, nourished by a very stubborn dessert earth.

My father was raised to work hard and love your family. He was taught how to cook food, milk cows, and value an education. He knows how to make eggplant delicious 500 times over. He also knows what it's like to relax after a long day, and laugh at jokes at family gatherings.

When my mom and dad got married they tried to live the life that my grandparents started. But it wasn't for them. My mom grew up in the states and missed the conveniences of home. So they packed their bags and two small children and moved here.

Miles away from where he grew up, my father created an environment in our home that was similar to how he grew up. He fiercely loves his family, and believes that hard work will get you far in life. He works two jobs, and takes care of my mom, and her mother. He looks forward to phone calls from my sister and me. He is a very proud man.

I am looking forward to instilling the values passed down from his parents to my son.

I call him Aba, and today is his birthday. I hope he has a fantastic day! I love him very much.

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daily mix LA said...

that was beautiful and inspiring. my grandparents, too, were holocaust survivors who then went to israel after the war. i enjoyed reading your post and yomuledet sameach to your aba! (happy birthday)