I've never really been a brave person. Sure I've survived through difficult situations, but at the end of the day I will always choose the route that requires the least amount of conflict. I choose not to be a bother to someone else, even when I'm encouraged to feel that I am not a bother. I have ideas that I fear executing because I don't want to be judged by others. I also worry that I will not live up to my own expectations.

These issues are admittedly crippling. It's also behavior that I must discourage myself from exhibiting in front of Noah because I want him to believe in himself and his dreams.

So in my effort to break free, I decided to create my own Mighty Life List so I can begin to work on myself. In order to complete a lot of these things on my list I have to be brave. While I am relishing the thought of experiencing and learning the things on my list, I have an ultimate goal. I want to be able to love myself unconditionally.

While I understand that creating this list is just the first step, I am looking forward to crossing items off the list, and will keep track of it. I believe that all of these bullet points are achievable, and will contribute to my quest of fulfillment. 
  • take 500 pictures with a digital SLR
  • write daily for 1 month straight
  • take George and Noah to Israel
  • make a hand-blown glass mug
  • visit all 50 states
  • bake 100 new things
  • all girls road trip
  • wine in Napa
  • start a pottery business
  • create the family recipe book
  • go on that honeymoon with George
  • do 100 over-the-top things for other people
  • master an ancient technique
  • finish remodeling and re-decorating the house
  • take a trip to the rainforest
  • make a quilt from the baby clothes
  • be able to donate a large sum to a worthy cause
  • be financially comfortable
  • run a marathon
  • plan a retreat
  • go on a full-day hiking adventure
  • take a cooking class in France
  • be comfortable with myself when I dance
  • wear a bikini to the beach
  • create a photo book of the sunrise and sunset
  • spend a week without a car
  • speak Hebrew fluently again
  • write a novel
  • find a female mentor
  • introduce Noah to good seafood
  • throw a party for a huge celebration
  • have another child
  • write a letter to my English teacher
  • take a creative writing class
  • maintain a vegetable garden for a full summer
  • help build a home
  • spend a week in a cottage on the beach
  • quit this career
  • read a book under a lilac tree
  • pick 50 different fruits with Noah
  • practice yoga
  • give a heartfelt toast at a wedding
  • paint something I would want to hang on my wall
  • go fishing for the first time
  • make my own journal (learn bookbinding)
  • regularly recycle
  • learn how to cartwheel
  • plant a tree
  • draw a portrait of Noah
  • finish the degree
  • Argentina in the Winter
  • overcome my fear of riding a bike
  • give George the window seat on a cross-Atlantic plane trip
  • go kayaking
  • make homemade ice cream
  • drive a tractor
  • learn how to drive a stick shift
  • take a mudbath
  • get buried in sand
  • learn the names of the constellations
  • tea in Japan
  • meet a president
  • front row at a cavs game
  • be part of a book club
  • bake for a bake sale
  • gather eggs directly from a chicken coup in a basket
  • explore the New Seven Wonders of the World
  • ride a horse again
  • volunteer at an animal shelter
  • ride on a hot air balloon for gram
  • learn how to use a letterpress
  • view a play on Broadway
  • own a sewing machine and sew a dress for myself
  • soak in a claw foot tub
  • buy something large at an antique shop
  • teach Noah how to read
  • take a women's studies class
  • take 100 public tours in Ohio
  • tile a floor by myself
  • catalog a media collection
  • go see a movie alone
  • learn 200 new games
  • cook rissotto
  • learn how to dive
  • solve a difficult math problem
  • become encouraging of other people's dreams
  • design a textile
  • find a perfect shade of lipstick for me
  • be able to cook 200 different soups successfully
  • carve a toy out of wood
  • throw a football far and accurately
  • discover my own religious beliefs
  • take a surfing lesson
  • work on a ranch for a day
  • take a tour of castles in the UK
  • jury duty
  • save 6 months worth of salary
  • take a mediteranean cruise
  • host a formal dinner party
  • go meatless for a month


Anonymous said...

Cribbed a few items for my life list :) Thanks.


Nellie said...

Found my way here from Mighty Girl. Also cribbed a few!! Excellent list, congratulations on making it, and good luck!

Twila said...

wow thats a long list! It makes me a little nervous because I dont have a list. Maybe I should make one!