A Simple Kind of Life

When I was younger, I envisioned a future wearing hippie dresses, and making jewelry on the beach. I believed that I could make a small living selling my merchandise to tourists, and that everything I owned could be packed in one suitcase. I could not envision other people impeding on that life.

And then at the urging of my parents I went to school for a year, and met my future husband. My direction took a turn, and I suddenly found a reason for staying put.

Now we have a mortgage, a family, and I am the sole financial provider for our family. I catch myself daydreaming about those lazy days at the beach, and can miss the art that I could have been creating.

I currently do not make jewelry, or paint, or do some of the other creative things I want to do. I have a complex where I believe that nothing will be good enough for my standard, so why bother. This year I plan on breaking the complex and start. Even prodigy's need to practice their skills. I don't think I will ever really want to trade my home for a romanticized life on the beach, but I can make the efforts required to be true to myself.

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